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Driven by Data

Here you can find documentation about the dribdat open source project. Please see our Open Collective and code repository for a general introduction, downloads and more!

  1. About dribdat
  2. User handbook
  3. Installation guide
  4. How to contribute
  5. Whitepaper
  6. Troubleshooting help


dribdat (originally from "Driven By Data") is an open source (MIT licensed) web application, featuring an ideation and challenge board to help organize short sprints, co-creative sessions, hackdays and open hackathons with batteries included.

Screenshot of dribdat

Built around Web-friendly standards like Schema.org and Frictionless Data, dribdat features a collection of bootstraps (authentication, file uploading, data import/export, etc.), useful workflows (announce an event - publish challenges - form teams - develop projects) and channels (social media sharing, digital signage, summary reports).

We use it to run activities based on open licenses (Creative Commons, Open Data Commons, etc.), community-developed templates (School of Data Pipeline), and governance instruments (Hack Code of Conduct). It is the official platform of Opendata.ch - Swiss chapter of Open Knowledge, and has been used to host dozens of events in the Swiss open data, open hardware, and open source community.

Dribdat strives in itself to be an example of a hackable project that can be adapted to other needs and causes. It can be used just as a Python-powered backend to aggregate data from GitHub, GitLab and other repositories and fileshares in one place. There is a Vue.js app and a Node.js chatbot available as alternatives to the default Bootstrap user interface, easily customized with a bit of CSS. You can customize the layout and presets in an admin panel, or with YAML configuration files.

Get in touch

Via our discussion forum or raise an issue. If you would like to improve the documentation, please share feedback here, or contribute via Pull Request.

Get updates on our OpenCollective, where you can also support the development of the project. There you can find a range of excellent events that have been powered by dribdat on the Web. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you'd like to get help accelerating your community!

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