Est. 2015
Teams 700*
License MIT

} dribdat { is an open source web application that enables more diverse and impactful sprints, hackathons, and open collaboration. Collect play-by-play details, track and coach your teams, document all the results - in real time.

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  • With all your challenges and projects on one page, you can get clean, well-referenced profiles of your work, and generate digital certificates to bring home the impact.
  • Connect your project data from GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Etherpad, HackMD, DokuWiki, Google Docs & more! Easily embed screenshots, collaboration apps and social media content.
  • Progress along the built-in dribdat pipeline - with the option of applying your own system of checkpoints and milestones. Ask your teams pointed questions to guide their development. See how far you get!
  • Every commit counts, with a built in mechanism for sharing dribs: short updates and commit logs. Single-Sign On and integration is available with GitHub, Slack, MS Teams, and more.
Opt in to co-create

Learn what really gets your people into the flow. Stem design thinking practices with cooperative bootstraps to make the most of your time together.

Simple as a-π

This is a platform for communities: accessible and usable for a wide range of participants on any device. And yes, there is an API for all your bots and apps.

Free as in freedom

Apply open licenses and a Code of Conduct by default. Connect to the net's most popular open development platforms. Did we already mention that dribdat is entirely open source?

Import, export

Liberate your innovation with Frictionless Data and Schema.org to better publish, archive and analyse the results. Own and open your data to a high standard.

Learn more about our roadmap in the Whitepaper.
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The platforms that dribdat is built on are the same bootstraps that our participants use:

Python Pallets Postgres FlipDown Bootstrap HTML5


Check out these events and meet the supporters of dribdat. More references can be found at Tour de Hack.

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